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Why Professional Photography Is Important for Realtors

In today's real estate market houses are selling incredibly fast, which could create a rush to list the property as soon as possible. The idea of hiring a professional photographer is not only to market the home but to market the agent who is selling the home.

This idea might seem backwards but it encompasses the need for realtors to hire a professional photographer for every shoot and listing.

Here are few reasons why:

1. Your marketing defines your brand.

Just like any other business the brand is how potential clients view you, in this case, you the realtor. How you portray yourself or your brand, will determine if a client will want to work with you or not. If all the potential client has to go off of is marketing material for that listing then that listing has a very important role to play when clients decided if they want to work with you. Using photos that are taken with a phone or that look amateurish might not impact the sale of the home but the photos will impact how potential clients view you.

An agent that uses professional photography will definitely have the upper hand when potential clients choose to work with you. The seller wants someone who will market their home in the best light.

2. Prepare for the future.

The real estate market is always fluctuating, houses might be selling fast now but could change tomorrow. At some point in the future, the amount of days a home is on the market will start to increase. If and when this day comes, sellers will be more selective about which agent they want to hire.

They will search the internet for agents in their area, look at previous sales history, and previous listings, and how they market previous homes.

A question will soon form and the seller will ask themselves, "Given how the realtor has marketed past homes, do I want the agent treating my home the same way?"

If photos, video, or other marketing content is not of quality the answer will more than likely be a 'no'. That's when the quality of the photos matter. If the seller sees unprofessional photos they will more than likely move on to the realtor that uses a professional photographer and you lose out on potential clients.

3. People talk.

People love to talk and share experiences, especially when they are bad. The same idea applies to sellers using realtors. If the experience is bad and you did not market your client's home the best you could, like opting for phone photographs instead of professional photography, that could negatively affect you and your business in the future. Using professional photographs helps you be portrayed as a professional and shows clients how much you care about their best interests.

It is not just about listing and selling, it's about creating relationships and building a brand for yourself that positively impacts the community, and always preparing yourself for the next client and listing. If you go the extra mile to market correctly you will see you and your business grow immensely.



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