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The Story of Harpy Vue

Updated: May 5, 2021

Mike Reyes Founder of Harpy Vue

Everyone has dreams and aspirations they want to fulfill throughout their life. Some find a way to make them real, some struggle to make them real and others just get plain lucky. For Mike, he struggled to find a way to make his dreams and aspirations real. He would dream what it would be like to have and start his own business but the dream was just that, a dream. He would work hard, put his heart and soul into everything he did but there still seemed to be a big void that over-shadowed all his hard work; He wanted something more and didn't know how to obtain it.

Fast forward to 2020, the year the world shut down due to COVID-19. Mike was contracting at a tech company, working as a 3D Artist on an Autonomous Driving Simulator. After about seven months working on the project, he received a call that a vast majority of Americans were praying not to get. Mike had to be let go due to budget cuts on the project. He accepted the unfortunate news and his passion for the 3D arts industry drove him to immediately start working and improving his 3D Artist skills. The amount of time he spent working on his skills and portfolio, he hoped it would lead to his next venture. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, nothing seem to materialize. The amount of no calls and endless amount of no-response emails started to way heavily on Mike. He struggled to find his purpose and was trying to figure out his next venture in the Animation and Visual Effects industry but everything led to a dead end.

Until one day, Mike's wife, told him to call her dad. Mike called his father-in-law and was presented the opportunity to start his own virtual tour company. With out hesitation he was on board. Mike was given a chance to make a dream he thought could never be obtained, a reality. A couple months later, Harpy Vue is born.

Mike's vision for Harpy Vue is not only to provide premier, professional, and elevated real estate media services but to make his clients the top priority of his business; Mike loves helping people. By doing so, he will be completely transparent, have integrity, show the utmost respect, communicate effectively and create business relationships that last for years to come.

Mike was lucky enough to make a dream come true and in doing so, helped fill the void that seemed to be missing; he suddenly had a purpose. He will pour his heart, soul and work tirelessly to ensure his clients are happy and satisfied. So, I ask you, to join him on Harpy Vue's extraordinary journey and be apart of something great!



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